25.03.2021 / 6–7.30 pm
Online Lecture by Lotte Meret & Marco Buetikofer
In English
Via Video Meeting

This lecture by Marco Buetikofer and Lotte Meret is an extension of their artistic video game project Datafiction (2019). Their presentation considers how our obsession with technological innovation fails to also attend to the emotional scarring caused by digital technology. They will critically address the impact of data production, circulation, and consumption, and go on to scrutinize some of the mythic spells that underpin digital imaginaries despite their inherent ambivalences and the glitches that disrupt their polished surfaces. The artistic duo will also draw fleeting portraits of the things that oscillate between technology, magic, and humanity, asking how we can deal with the emotional wounds that our adaptation to technology leaves behind, and why we can’t seem to let go of this self-harm.

Link to presentation and interactive website.


mEat me – Food for the Post-Anthropocene:
On Body-Hacking and the De-centering of the Human as Material

09.04.2021 / 7–8 pm
Online lecture by Theresa Schubert
In English
Via Video Meeting

Many posthumanist thinkers stress a non-human-centered perspective on the world, demanding that we should assume a more modest role in our dealings with nature and stop hierarchizing other species. For artist Theresa Schubert, a radical consequence of considering the human as an animal would be to also consider the human as material and food. In her project mEat me (2020), she demonstrates that this provocation is neither science fiction nor morbid dystopia by fearlessly exploiting her own body as a ground for experimentation. In this lecture, Schubert introduces her artistic research project discussing backgrounds, concepts, the lab process, and collaboration with scientists, as well as the resulting multimedia performance mEat me.


Embodying Gaze: How to Embody your First-Person Perspective by Removing your Head?​

17.04.2021 / 2–5 pm
Workshop with Kirstin Burckhardt
In English

Kirstin Burckhardt is a visual artist and psychologist working with video, per- formance, and drawings to continuously ask: what is it that we call “body”?

You are not in your body; you are your body, and this body will eventually transition into death. With this transformation in mind, Burckhardt will talk about her artistic practice as it relates to embodiment and separation. To ex- plore paths for embodying your first-person point of view and thereby your body, she will guide participants through a series of mediation exercises and fo- cused exchange with others. Practicing unseeing your body from a dissociated view is at the heart of this workshop.


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