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Kleine Humboldt Galerie (KHG) was founded in 1978 by members of the datacenter of Humboldt University and Berlin-based artists. The aim was to provide a platform for artists, who received hardly any or

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Kleine Humboldt Galerie (KHG) is a student-run initiative curating and presenting bi-annual art exhibitions at Humboldt University. The atrium in the university’s main building has served as an exhibition space since the re-foundation

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Blick von Oben ins Atrium, Performende stehen in der Mitte, darum das Publikum.

Exhibition venues

Located on the avenue Unter den Linden, surrounded by historic buildings such as the State Opera, the State Library and the Berlin Palace, the Palais des Prinzen Heinrich served as a city palace

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Das KHG-Team sitzt in einem Pavillion auf dem Boden und bastelt mit viel Papier eine Collage.


The Kleine Humboldt Galerie (KHG) is a student collective that conceives and realizes contemporary exhibitions. This project has existed in its current form since 2009 and is linked to the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

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Part of Project Space Festival 23

KHG in Plain English

The Kleine Humboldt Galerie (KHG) is a group of people.  Together the group organises exhibitions at the Humboldt University of Berlin. This group has existed for 42 years.  The first members were university

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Personen sitzen und stehen auf einer Treppe vor einem alten, prunkvollen Gebäude.

Join the Team!

Projectspace, creative think-tank, a place for exchange and networking – the Kleine Humboldt Galerie is multilayered and one thing above all: a team. A team consisting of different perspectives, where decisions are being

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