16.07.19, 2.00 – 8.00 PM

Ziegelstraße 4, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

unlucid © Charlotte Hansel
© graphic design by Charlotte Hansel in collaboration with Susi Hinz

uninternet:identities is an exhibition about identity(ies), representation, inclusion and exclusion in digital space. Taking into account different cultural perspectives, selection mechanisms on the internet are negotiated here using media-artistic positions.

The internet, a globally comprehensive matrix, is both the largest information database in human history and a platform for diverse and cultural productions. For the generation of young media artists, it is also the starting point for a wide-ranging exploration of representation, modes of use and the possibilities and limits of individual and collective access. Can the internet be a liberating invention that enables action and shifts hierarchical boundaries? Are possibilities created here that are unimaginable within analogue realities due to social and political barriers? Or are hierarchies possibly being reproduced in the vastness of the World Wide Web that have already existed in the real world for centuries?

Where digital, political and cultural levels meet in the artistic positions shown here, a melting pot of virtual forms of communication emerges. Here, oppositions are manifested, identification practices and forms of representation are sought and abstract visions of the future are negotiated. While some artists question their own position and representation on the internet, others explore the extent to which classifying factors such as religion, gender and skin colour influence the “virtual space”.

The internet itself, its aesthetics, the vision of a borderless space of possibility as well as its real existing barriers find a broad level of negotiation in the exhibition uninternet:identities, which will be on show for one day as part of the exhibition festival unselect. The exhibition asks whether selection on the internet is really only shaped on the basis of our own decisions, or whether it happens without us noticing, for us and even against us?

How do we select the internet – and how does it select us?



Dr. Steffen Köhn from the Institut für Visuelle und Medienanthropologie (FU Berlin): “No Internet – No Problem. Unpacking Cuba’s offline data sharing network El Paquete Semanal”



Hanne Lippard
Jonas Lund
Brooklyn J. Pakathi
Tabita Rezaire
Bogosi Sekhukuni


Curated by Susi Hinz, Mette Kleinsteuber und Agnesa Schmudke


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