08.08.2014, 12 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Albrecht Daniel Thaer-Institute of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

“Area-documentation: Survey and updating of the data on land property, buildings, and areas for the university’s state- and rented property. Survey of facilities for the master plan and location development. Spatial survey for the Statistic State Office of Berlin (according to the College Statistics Law – HStatG).”

Similar to a constructional “spatial survey” (“Raumbestandserhebung”), the presented artworks examine the many-layered historical architecture of the buildings on Invalidenstr. 42 that were constructed between 1883 and 1909 for the Agricultural College of Berlin. The buildings, marked by different stylistic as well as political eras, are used today by the
Albrecht Daniel Thaer-Institute for Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences, the Institute of Biology, and the Natural History Museum. Designed for the life sciences, their original designation can be traced into the slightest details of the architecture – from wallpaintings showing arcadian scenes to squirming floral and faunal ornaments on stairways and facades. Into the Wilhelminian architecture traces of the war and the GDR have been inscribed, next to recent modernization measures taken in the context of the “Location Development North Campus.”
Responding to these layers and their bizarre, as well as at times uncanny, encounter, the artists have developed site-specific works and installations. The result is an unconventional attempt to come to terms with the reasons behind the buildings’ current condition and their effect on the viewer – beyond a function-oriented “areal-documentation” – and to perhaps also come to a different assessment.

The exhibition is only accessible in guided tours starting each full hour between 12 and 7 pm in the entrance hall (foyer) of the main building on Invalidenstr. 42. Refreshments, coffee, and cake will be sold in the student-run café Flora Soft.

This event takes place as part of the Project Space Festival.





Jeremy Ayer
pedda Borowski
Patrick Cipriani
Cécile Dupaquier
Amos Fricke
Michael Hoepfel
Lisa Junghanß
Joseph Kadow
Wolf von Kries
Nora Mertes
Luzia Rux
Fabrice Schneider
Sebastian Stadler
Joanis Walter



Curated by Conny Becker, Lee Chichester, Viktor Hömpler, Julia Modes, Sebastian Peter, Vanja Sisek, Liz Stumpf, Antonia Wolff.

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