Tieranatomisches Theater of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

© Stefan Josef Müller

As part of the Project Space Festival, the Kleine Humboldt Galerie invites artists to present unrealised artistic projects of any kind. The Tieranatomisches Theater provides the stage on which the works can be presented in a freely selectable format. In this way, a space for the unrealised is to be created during the Berlin art break in August. For the artists, this framework holds the possibility of addressing works that have been thought of but – perhaps due to technical, economic, political or other conditions – have not yet been realised. By making these projects accessible to an audience, the previously impossible can be realised in a different way and become effective as an idea.


Nicolas Buenaventura
Ka Hee Jeong
Benedetta Panisson
Grażyna Roguski
Kim Schoen
zweinulldrei – Theater im Kontext (Göckel I Rode I Söllner)

Curated by Viktor Hömpler, Judith Lau, Sebastian Peter, Monika Simm, Liz Stumpf, Anna Wiese, Antonia Wolff.

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