Art walk on the Campus-Nord of Humboldt Universität zu Berlin

18.09.2013 – 21.09.2013

Campus Nord of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Guided tours daily at 1 p.m./3 p.m. (engl.)/5 p.m.

On the occasion of Berlin Art Week 2013 the Kleine Humboldt Gallery opens the doors to unknown and hidden spaces on the premises of Humboldt University. On the paths of an art-trail across the science campus in Berlin-Mitte, visitors will gain temporary access to the shielded laboratories of academic knowledge-production.

Playing on the title of Ron Howard’s movie about the madly ingenious Nobel Prize winner John Nash, the exhibition BEAUTIFUL MINDS deals with specialization and its ecstatic-obsessive extremes. As in science, intense and passionate dedication to a closely defined field of specialty is a widespread workingmethod in contemporary art. Through their work, artists often gain serious insights into materiality, processes, and correlations. By employing alternative research methods, they act as correctives to prevailing scientific paradigms, which they complement or question through their practice.

In search of a fruitful interdisciplinarity, the exhibition BEAUTIFUL MINDS confronts artists who deal extensively and at times even obsessively with specific questions and materials with spaces of scientific research – in the sense of a productive exchange between experts that leaves neither party unaltered.


Mark Dion
Anneke Eussen
Tessa Farmer
Cas Grooters
Yunchul Kim
Kitty Kraus
Pia Linz
Teresa Margolles
Carlo Sebastian Paulus
Steven Pippin
Anette Rose
Timo Toots
Johannes Vogl
Evgenija Wassilew
Andrea Zittel

Curated by Conny Becker, Marina Beeck, Lee Chichester, Marie Greggers, Viktor Hömpler, Elia Kragerud, Yasmin Meinicke, Milena Mercer, Vanja Sisek.

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